REVIEW: Function of Beauty

Let’s get straight to it – I have been struggling with my hair for a long time now. Despite my best efforts, I’ve had issue after issue and wasn’t sure I’d ever find relief. It started with dryness, my hair felt like starch and never really flowed like hair typically should. It just kinda hung there like two curtains on either side of my face. I tried using moisturizing shampoos with lots of avocado oil or shea butter, I can’t remember which. Nothing really helped. After a few weeks of that, it turned into a dry scalp. My head was constantly itchy and, I’m sorry to be blunt, literal flakes of my scalp was drifting from my hair at most times of the day. It was terrible! It wasn’t something I could hide either, so I would constantly duck into a bathroom or check myself in my phone to make sure there wasn’t any dead skin lying around (I’m so sorry).

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