How To Make Some $$$ KonMari-ing Your Life

How To Make Some $$$ KonMari-ing Your Life

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to take a hard look at your wardrobe. How many clothes do you own that you haven’t worn in a year, or even six months? How about clothes that don’t fit anymore (hello, quarantine-15), or pieces that you’ve been meaning to get tailored but have put off for too long? A fresh closet means a fresh start. I recently went through my closet and was real with myself – pulling down items that I did at one point love but have just emotionally grown out of. There were so many items that I was ready to let go of but not ready to toss into a donate pile because of their value. So instead, I found ways to sell these items so they could have a second life and I could pay down my student loan debt.

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My Medication Journey / My Two Month Check-In

My Medication Journey / My Two Month Check-In

Hey guys! The weeks are going by so fast and I figured it’s time for a check-in on my medication journey. I recently had my one month follow-up appointment and my two month appointment is coming up, but there has been some changes since I last checked in so let’s get into it.

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#ThursdayThoughts / why we need to break the stigma around antidepressants

I was mildly nervous to admit to people that I had started taking an antidepressant. I realize I have formed an image of being as consciously organic as possible/reasonable, preaching the benefits of meditation, journaling, and CBD as natural anxiety relievers. I wanted to prove to others but mostly myself that I could handle this on my own, through sheer willpower and determination. I will just meditate the anxiety attacks away. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine.

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#ThursdayThoughts: A Discourse on Consumerism

Shopping is fun, it’s so much fun. One of my favorite pastimes is to go to the mall on the weekends and window shop. I’m too impatient to try things on, so I’ll look at everything in person and mull on it for a few weeks and, if the want is still there, purchase it online. That way I can look forward to the package arriving, my very own mini Christmas that takes place every few weeks. My bank account is my own, so no one can see the charges I’m putting on it, and I usually get home before my boyfriend does so I have time to unpack my gifts and throw out the evidence. It’s all a fun game to me, or it was.

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