My Feel Good Diary

Happy Sunday, loves! A few weeks ago my family and I participated in the CHOC Walk and, as it always does, it reminded me of what’s important in life: family. I’ve shared with you all my struggles with anxiety and all of it got me thinking “what makes me feel good?”. I do a lot throughout my day to be my best self, and a lot of these things I don’t even really think about. I thought, what better way to highlight these daily rituals than to give Refinery29’s Feel Good Diaries a shot of my own? I’m obsessed with their Money Diaries (maybe I’ll do my own here one day…) but also love to read their Feel Good Diaries to see how other women manage their wellness routines. The point is to track a week’s worth of meals, supplements, subscriptions, anything that you would consider part of your wellness routine. Read on for mine!

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