How COVID Affected My Mental Health – and How I’ve Learned To Accept It

How COVID Affected My Mental Health – and How I’ve Learned To Accept It

It’s been quite a few months since I last wrote anything, which is truly an accurate summary of how COVID-19 affected me this year. Recently, I reread a personal journal entry on what I envisioned for myself for the year of 2020. I had so many goals I was excited to accomplish and big plans scheduled, and just like that, it’s December of 2020 and I have done nothing. Well, I wouldn’t say nothing, but…not what I had planned to do. My personal and professional life had come to a standstill and, as a result, my mental health has taken a few steps back.

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How To Make Some $$$ KonMari-ing Your Life

How To Make Some $$$ KonMari-ing Your Life

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to take a hard look at your wardrobe. How many clothes do you own that you haven’t worn in a year, or even six months? How about clothes that don’t fit anymore (hello, quarantine-15), or pieces that you’ve been meaning to get tailored but have put off for too long? A fresh closet means a fresh start. I recently went through my closet and was real with myself – pulling down items that I did at one point love but have just emotionally grown out of. There were so many items that I was ready to let go of but not ready to toss into a donate pile because of their value. So instead, I found ways to sell these items so they could have a second life and I could pay down my student loan debt.

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What’s New On My Bookshelf: February

I am on a true reading binge right now. It’s been a combination of finding good books available on Libby and finally catching up on some of the TBR books that have been sitting on my bookshelf. I’ve also just realized that I matched my count from last month: 6 books each month! I’m almost halfway to my meeting my 2020 challenge of 30 books 🙂 Keep on reading to see what I read in February and what I thought of each book!

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The Five Spotify Playlists You Need For Your Workdays

I listen to music pretty much nonstop when I’m at work because it helps me focus on my work rather than completely zoning out to my own thoughts. After two years of working full-time, I can confidently say I’ve found a few playlists that are perfect for at-work listening. Check them out below!

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What’s New On My Bookshelf: January

As you all know, I’m an avid reader. I made a goal for myself last year to read 24 books (2 books per month) and surpassed that by reading 40. It was such a fun challenge because it forced me to prioritize reading over watching TV or playing video games, plus because I started borrowing books from the library I was able to expand my horizons and read different genres that I typically would look past. Setting this yearly goal for myself has helped me rediscover my love for books…there is nothing more comforting than snuggling up on my couch with blankets, my cats, a yummy cup of coffee and a good book.

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