How To Make Some $$$ KonMari-ing Your Life

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to take a hard look at your wardrobe. How many clothes do you own that you haven’t worn in a year, or even six months? How about clothes that don’t fit anymore (hello, quarantine-15), or pieces that you’ve been meaning to get tailored but have put off for too long? A fresh closet means a fresh start. I recently went through my closet and was real with myself – pulling down items that I did at one point love but have just emotionally grown out of. There were so many items that I was ready to let go of but not ready to toss into a donate pile because of their value. So instead, I found ways to sell these items so they could have a second life and I could pay down my student loan debt.

To start, let’s review the six rules that make up the KonMari method created by Marie Kondo:

RULE 01: Commit yourself to tidying up.

RULE 02: Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

RULE 03: Finish discarding first.

RULE 04: Tidy by category, not by location.

RULE 05: Follow the right order.

RULE 06: Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Once I had decided on which items no longer sparked joy, I made two piles: one for items that can be donated and one for items that can be sold. This isn’t to say that I only donated items that were in too bad of a condition to be sold, I still donated a good amount. But I didn’t feel right donating that one skirt I bought from Saks Fifth Avenue, which is why it had sat in my closet forever even though I never wore it. So once I dropped off my donate pile, I set out to sell the remaining items on a few different platforms detailed below.

Poshmark is my favorite app to sell my clothes on. It’s really easy to gain visibility and interact with your followers – it’s almost like having an Instagram for your closet. While it does take some time to take pictures of and describe each item, it’s worth it in the end! Plus I love that Poshmark handles the confusing shipping side of business so that all I need to do is print the label and drop it off at the post office. Quick & easy!

Nextdoor is a great resource to stay up to date on neighborhood news and see what is being sold in your immediate area. I’ve had a lot of luck selling on Nextdoor, specifically selling furniture like rugs/tables/chairs/etc. I’ve even linked to my Poshmark so that I wouldn’t have to relist my clothes and have had neighbors just come pick up the items they were interested in, saving us both the cost/hassle of shipping it.

Craigslist is pretty much my last resort for selling items because I’m never too keen to meet up with a stranger and Nextdoor provides more security. However, it is helpful when there’s that one item that just won’t sell and you need to get it off your hands ASAP. Just make sure that you either meet the person in a public space like Starbucks or you have your S.O./ family accompany you. Never meet a stranger from Craigslist, or anywhere on the Internet for that matter, alone!!!!

Now that you’ve got your arsenal of apps at the ready, use the following tips to make sure your items sell:

Take good pictures! Use natural lighting when possible so that the color of the item is closest to the real thing, and try to photograph your item against a white backdrop so that there are no distractions from the item you’re selling.

Find the original source of the item you are selling. Once you do, you can include important details of the item like fabric type or specific dimensions. Bonus points if the OG source has high-quality pictures of the item that you can include in your post, as an addition to the pictures you’ve taken yourself.

Take note of how much the item originally cost and lower the price anywhere from $5 – $20, depending on quality, for every year you’ve owned it.

Make sure to point out and photograph any rips/tears so that your buyers are aware of them before purchasing. This will also build up your reputability, an important factor in gaining new customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

I don’t know if there’s a better incentive to clean out your closet than knowing there’s some cash waiting for you at the other end. I highly recommend turning this into a fun Saturday project: spend the morning deciding what to donate versus what to sell, the afternoon taking pictures, then the night researching the item and posting on your preferred app. If you take your time prepping your items for sale, you will see a higher return!

Let me know down in the comments how much you have made selling online! Happy sales!

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