The Five Spotify Playlists You Need For Your Workdays

I listen to music pretty much nonstop when I’m at work because it helps me focus on my work rather than completely zoning out to my own thoughts. After two years of working full-time, I can confidently say I’ve found a few playlists that are perfect for at-work listening. Check them out below!

Best For: Extreme Focus

This one is best for when you just need some background noise with zero lyrics. When I really need to focus, I can’t listen to lyrics because I get them all confused in my head. This is the playlist I turn to when I’m writing or reading, whether for work or this blog.

Best For: Creative Focus

I love some good jazz, but this playlist is the perfect mix of jazz and relaxing tunes. It helps when I’m stuck in a work rut and need to get my creative juices flowing again.

Best For: Your Morning Coffee/Tea

This playlist is my little morning ritual. I listen to this one when I first get to my desk and am sipping on my coffee going through my emails. No crazy focus is needed just yet; it’s a great way to gently start to your workday.

Best For: Friday afternoons

If you didn’t watch Big Little Lies – what are you doing with your life? Not only is it a piece of art, its’ soundtrack is one of the best. Listen to this one when you’re antsy on a Friday afternoon waiting for 5pm and want to (quietly) sing along at your desk!

Best For: Cozy Work Vibes

Does that make sense? I listen to this one when I’m at my desk, legs crossed on my chair, blanket cuddling me, working on a slow but steady project. Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable at your desk while you work with this playlist.

Honestly, music makes work so much more enjoyable. Ever since I bought AirPods, I swear my productivity levels at work have reached an all-time high. These are the soundtracks of my work days, whether I need to focus on a few projects or need some good vibes to get me through the day. If you’ve got any standout favs that aren’t mentioned here that you think I might like, pleaaaase comment down below because I am always looking to add to this list!

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