The 5 Podcasts You Need To Add Into Your Rotation

I could listen to podcasts all day long. They get me through any length of a drive, a workout, chores, cooking dinner, and even work. I’ve tried so many podcasts on for size, looking for the right hosts and topic and format. It’s all super important when it comes to subscribing to the right podcast. I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorites (with an extra special podcast as the last one) that you just have to add to your library.

That’s So Retrograde

That’s So Retrograde is hosted by two hilarious best friends, Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott, who birthed the idea of their podcast one weed-fueled night. It was the first podcast I ever listened to and is what started my interest in all things ~wellness~. Thanks to TSR, I’ve learned about crystals, Yoni eggs, feng shui, astrology, and reiki healing. They’ll teach you everything you never knew you needed to know while making you laugh the entire episode.

Chicks in the Office

Released bi-weekly, Chicks in the Office is like a pop culture talk show. Co-hosts Maria Ciuffo & Francesca Mariana break down what’s going on with your favorite celebrities, all the Hollywood drama, and provide weekly recaps for popular shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette. They get the best interviews, whether it’s with Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules, Bob Saget, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, or The Jonas Brothers. Clocking in at between an hour to two hours and the first episode of the week being released on Mondays, it’s honestly what starts my week off in the right mood.

Stuff You Should Know

One of the most oddly fascinating podcasts I’ve come across, Stuff You Should Know dedicates every episode on an interesting topic and teaches you everything you need to know about it. Some of my favorites include how schizophrenia works, what’s really up with Area 51, and what it’s really like to die (as well as what is arguably the best way to die). Hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark explain all of the things with such clarity and funny banter that you never get bored, even when you’re listening to how taxes work.

I Said God Damn! A True Crime Podcast

This one is a recent find thanks to a recommendation from my best friend, but I’ve quickly become obsessed. Hosts Stacey and Erin tell one another a true crime story that the other has never heard before, so it’s unscripted gold. They aren’t afraid to cuss and make jokes about some of the gory details, so you might find yourself cracking up about that cannibal and laughing again later to yourself when you remember their jokes. If you love discussing true crime stories with your friends, you’ll love this podcast.

And now introducing……..

Balanced Broads

My podcast! Yes, I started a podcast with one of my best friends Sage. It’s something we talked about doing for a long time because we’ve always been told we’re really funny together, but we only recently decided it was an actual possibility. We are just two broads trying to figure out life through pop culture, self-care, mental wellness, and hilarious stories. We drop episodes every Thursday at 7am and sometimes we don’t even know what you’re going to get. Give us a listen and subscribe if you want to hear more!

I am so happy that podcasts came into my life because I have truly learned so much from the different ones I listen to and also just genuinely look forward to each new episode. My love for podcasts has led me into creating my own with my friend and that’s been a completely crazy, wild, scary, and fun roller-coaster of its own. Please give us a listen and let me know what you think (but only if it’s a compliment).

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