Plan With Me – November: Astrology Forecast, Tarotscope, and Goals & Intentions

Ugh, October went by way too fast. I watched a whopping 19 scary movies, so I can’t say I didn’t take advantage of the spooky vibes! I would have to say my favorite new ones that I watched would have to be The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Midsommar. I just love getting scared, so I also went to Los Angeles’ Haunted Hayride with Austin and some friends, which was so much fun! I can watch all the scary movies and not be affected at all, but put me in a dark haunted maze and I’ll scream at any sign of movement. I completed the month by hanging out in a graveyard and watching The Sixth Sense, my forever scariest movie that traumatized me when I was younger, whilst surrounded by dead people. You can’t get more Halloween than that.

November looks like it might be pretty busy at work, so I’m hoping to have a relaxing social calendar! Although I do have a weekend trip to Hawaii towards the end of the month, but Hawaii is practically the definition of relaxing so I’ll gladly allow those plans. I’m looking forward to a lot of family time as Thanksgiving approaches, and I’m so happy it’s finally starting to feel like fall in SoCal (which just means high 60’s – low 70’s but I’ll take what I can get). It’s kind of insane that we’re nearing the end of the year, so I want to make the most of the few weeks we have left before we officially enter a new decade!

Astrology Forecast

Nov 1 – Mercury stations Retrograde

Nov 12 – Full Moon in Taurus

Nov 21 – Mercury stations Direct

Nov 22 – Sun enters Sagittarius

Nov 26 – New Moon in Sagittarius

Alright guys, Mercury is retrograde for the next few weeks so hold off on making any major life decisions at least until December (don’t forget the retrograde has a shadow period!) but use the strong energy to clear the deck of things left undone, in all areas of your life. Keep this energy through to the full moon in Taurus, as this sign will bring us the focus and momentum to get things done as well as the stability to balance all of the spinning plates.

Sagittarius season starts on the 22nd, and just as the archer’s deepest desire is that of change, you’ll find yourself meeting new people and seeing new places. It’s the perfect time for some adventure because this mutable sign lends adaptability and flexibility. Take on a new perspective so you can learn and expand your knowledge. Carry this momentum through to the new moon in Sagittarius and set some intentions on how to be the freest you can be.

November’s Tarot Reading

Question: What does November have in store?

▴ Three of Wands. This card encourages you to be curious in life and explore all that the world has to offer. Know that a magical, fulfilling life cannot be lived without the chance of risk, so leave your safety net behind and take a leap of faith. Adopt a new perspective, make one of your curiosities a reality.

▴ Ten of Cups. One of my favorite cards as it literally radiates positivity and vibrant color. Each cup both send and receive light from one another, reinforcing the “you get what you give” mentality. Don’t just ask for happiness and positivity from the world, send it out as well. Your light will feed the lights of others, which will in turn feed you.

▴ Judgment. This card is a reminder that you are not bound by your past. You can shed your former self and begin anew if you want to, all you need to do is leave your fear and pettiness at the door and close it. Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Journal Prompt: Spend half an hour reflecting on what these cards could mean for you right now. The cards that were pulled are all encouragement to listen to your deepest self, ask yourself what you truly want to do, what is calling you and answer it. Stop caring about what others may think, or how they may judge. Be true to yourself and pour light out into the world, and you will be filled with light in return.

Goals & Intentions

So I think I did as much of the fall things as I could. I will of course continue on with the fall theme for November, as well as continue watching as many scary movies as I can. The one goal that I didn’t accomplish last month was finding a therapist, and it needs to be an unwritten but important goal for this month. I’ve been dragging my feet because I’m not looking forward to the search but I know I need to take this step.

Goal: Have a ‘No Spend November’. I’ve decided with a friend that this month calls for another no spend goal! With Christmas and Austin’s birthday coming up, I need to stop myself from buying any “fun” purchases, keeping it to the necessities only. This challenge can definitely be…challenging, but it’s also refreshing to tell myself “no, I do not need that” because most of the time, I truly don’t. That being said, if you see me at Urban Outfitters I need you to drag me out. Mantra: I will not buy anything that I do not need this month.

Goal: Go through my things and donate or organize. I sort of started this goal last month when we decided we want to move into a different apartment in our complex and I started looking around and seeing all these things. I purged all the things that had accumulated under our bed but now I’ve seen a few other problem areas that need attending to. It mostly just calls for organizing, but I know there are items hiding out that I’ve either considered long lost or have completely forgotten about. Mantra: I will shine a light on all hiding spots and organize as needed.

Goal: Use Sundays to be more productive. Yes, this is actually a goal I need to set. Typically I do fun things on Saturdays and then do absolutely nothing on Sundays, which is lovely but it’s not setting me up for a successful week. I need to go back to spending a few hours every Sunday just prepping things so that the week is smoother…cutting up my veggies and fruits, cleaning out the fridge, doing laundry and setting out my outfits for the week, you get the idea. Mantra: I will use Sundays to prepare for the week ahead.

I’m late in writing this Plan With Me because I truly got so caught up in October. It’s just my favorite month and I didn’t want to acknowledge its end, but here we are in November so let’s make the most of it. I also think of this month as a little reprieve in between all the plans you make for October and December. It’s a perfect month to catch your breath, clean up your space, and get a hold on your life before the busyness of the holidays truly begins. I’m wishing you a November filled with bullet journals, hot yummy coffee, and oversized sweaters.

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