Plan With Me – October: Astrology Forecast, Tarotscope, and Goals & Intentions

September was the month I finally started to get my shit together. After a tough few months dealing with constant anxiety, I was prescribed an antidepressant. This is my first time taking medication like this and, while it’s quite nerve-wracking, I’m feeling more hopeful about the future. I also took a beautiful 10 day vacation (recap coming to the blog soon but posted below some pics from my Instagram!) that was the perfect reset I needed. All in all, I would say September was a pretty good month!

Now finally, it’s October! Halloween! My favorite month of the year. I love horror films, mazes, and all things pumpkin-flavored. Being scared (but not in any actual danger) is one of my favorite feelings. I’m already making a Notes page on all the horror films I need to watch this month, old and new. I really just want to spend this month enjoying my favorite things with my favorite people. I’ve been ~through~ it recently and I feel sort of like I’ve come out on the other end, so I’m looking forward to just enjoying life.

Astrology Forecast

Oct 9 – Venus moves into Scorpio

Oct 13 – Full Moon in Aries

Oct 24 – Scorpio season begins

Oct 27 – New Moon in Scorpio

Oct 31 – Mercury turns Retrograde in Scorpio

There’s lots of Scorpio energy coming our way this month, which could present itself in either a transformation or a destruction since this sign is known for being sort of all-or-nothing. The love planet Venus moving into Scorpio can put a magnifying glass up to your relationships, making any challenges or flaws hard to ignore. Use this energy to decide who is worth your time and energy and who isn’t. The Full Moon in Aries asks us to identify what isn’t working in our lives or what doesn’t excite us and get rid of it. It’s best to shed any negative expectations or cycles of behavior at the full moon, so use it to your advantage.

The Scorpio energy works in our favor for the New Moon as it helps us learn to trust our intuition and search within for the answers we are looking for. Because Mercury is going into Retrograde a few days after the new moon (and yes, there is a pre-shadow), I wouldn’t start any new projects or habits just yet. Instead, spend this new moon (and the entire month, really) getting rid of what doesn’t serve you so that you’re ready to start what you’re passionate about when the retrograde is over.

October’s Tarot Reading

Question: What will this month bring?

>The Sun. This card represents vitality and enlightenment. Imagine yourself basking in the sun’s glow, feeling its warmth and nourishment. Amazing energy comes from this card; you’ll feel assurance and clarity in all that you do. Spend some extra time outside and appreciate all that the sun does for us.

>The Devil. Always a fun card to pull, right? I like to look at this card as a personal challenge. It carries an urgent message and must be interpreted with total honesty. There may be personal issues with addiction, negativity, or materialism that you need to address. It can also take the form of an ugly, toxic relationship with a person in your life. Identify this dependency and how it’s holding you back. The fiery red hooves of the devil are strong and relentless and will not let you go until you’ve made a conscious change.

>Nine of Wands. This card symbolize the final steps you need to take to reach the end of your journey. Notice how the steps are covered in sticks, making for a hard path ahead. These sticks represent the doubts and fears running through your mind. This card asks you to rally your confidence and realize how far you’ve come. Keep your head up and all of your hard work will start to pay off.

Journal Prompt: Spend half an hour reflecting on what these cards could mean for your month ahead. Identify your Devil and the steps you need to take to confront it. Take a look back on the journey you’ve been through recently and recount just how far you’ve come. Maybe take your journal outside and lay out in the grass while you write out your reflection so that the Sun can lend you some energy and love.

Goals & Intentions

I didn’t follow through too well with last month’s goals. I’m still in the process of going through my clothes so I can sort what needs to be donated and what needs to be recycled. I haven’t bought any new plants just yet, but that’s really only because I’m just trying to stretch my paycheck until my next one hits. I need at least four new plants so…I need a good amount of extra cash on hand for that. I was great about being present and staying in the moment, especially while I was on vacation. Now that I’m back to reality, it’s time to set some new goals!

Goal: Budget my money better. I like to keep track of my expenses in my Erin Condren budget planner, but as much as I keep an eye on how much I’m spending I am not actually actively budgeting. I’m thinking about trying out You Need a Budget (do any of you use this program?) so that I can actively save for a few different goals I have. They have a free month trial so I’m going to give that a go and see if it helps! Mantra: I will learn how to budget so that I always have money for the things I want to buy.

Goal: Find a therapist. This is a fun goal, am I right? I’ve been told that medication works best when coupled with therapy, and I’ve actually been wanting to go back to therapy for some time now. Now I’ve just got to search for the right therapist that accepts my insurance and has appointment times that I could make after work. I’m really looking forward to when I find one, because I used to love going to therapy. I feel like it really just helps so much, no matter what you’re going through. Mantra: I will find a therapist and begin a new self care practice.

Goal: Do all of the fall things. More specifically: a scary maze, watch at least 20 horror films, drink my weight in pumpkin lattes, and spend an evening at Disneyland to marvel at their perfect Halloween decorations. This month just fills me with cozy joy and I’m so looking forward to all of the scary things ahead! Mantra: Halloween only comes once a year so I will enjoy it as much as possible while I can.

There you have it, folks! October is all planned for and I’m feeling ready to head straight into my favorite month of the year. I’m really hoping this overcast and rainy weather sticks around for the rest of the month because I need way more rain and way less sun in my life. Plus, it’s just perfectly fitting for fall, isn’t it? I’m off to cuddle under three blankets and choose a scary film off my list, talk to you all soon.

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