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Happy Sunday, loves! A few weeks ago my family and I participated in the CHOC Walk and, as it always does, it reminded me of what’s important in life: family. I’ve shared with you all my struggles with anxiety and all of it got me thinking “what makes me feel good?”. I do a lot throughout my day to be my best self, and a lot of these things I don’t even really think about. I thought, what better way to highlight these daily rituals than to give Refinery29’s Feel Good Diaries a shot of my own? I’m obsessed with their Money Diaries (maybe I’ll do my own here one day…) but also love to read their Feel Good Diaries to see how other women manage their wellness routines. The point is to track a week’s worth of meals, supplements, subscriptions, anything that you would consider part of your wellness routine. Read on for mine!

14 AUG / WED

6:42am – My sleep cycle alarm goes off and I see that my sleep quality was a good 86% last night (not as great as the 97% I got the night before). I’m currently on a free trial of this app and enjoying it so far because I hate being woken up when I’m in a deep sleep. I’ve got two weeks left of the trial so I’m not sure if I’ll purchase just yet but for now, I like it. If I do decide to buy it, it will cost $29.99 for a year’s membership. I get up and quickly get ready for work.

8:45am – I’m craving Starbucks and what do you know, it’s a double star day. I try to limit my coffee intake but recently I’ve been indulging. I walk to the location inside our business park with a friend and order a grande iced soy vanilla latte. $5.05

1:30pm – Lunch time! I brought lunch from home as I do almost every day, so today I have slices of chicken breast, a quinoa & brown rice mix, and half an avocado. I also grab leftovers from a meeting – BLT sandwich, yum!

4:30pm – I make sure to take my vitamins before I leave for work. I take the Ritual multivitamins, which is $30 a month or $1 a day, and a 50mg of Zinc, which was $4 from Target. I’ve dabbled around with a few different vitamin combinations and got the approval for these two from my doctor, so I’m feeling good about taking them.

5:30pm – I booked a cycle class for after work so I head to Newport. After years of struggling with the gym, I finally Marie Kondo’d it and cancelled that membership. I used ClassPass for a month to try out my local cycle studios because it’s the one type of workout that I truly enjoy. I found my favorite studio and signed up for their monthly membership after using a package that I got at a discounted new-member rate. The monthly cost is…a lot ($150) but it’s the only thing that motivates me to go to class several days a week. If I go five days a week (which I have been for the past few weeks), the classes come out to $7 a class vs the $22 it typically costs. $7

7pm – Home from class and absolutely tired. I put together a quick dinner of ground beef with onions and bell peppers and top it with half an avocado and a ton of veggies on the side. We eat pretty simple and clean at home so that when we want to eat out, we can have fun.

10pm – After puttering around my apartment for the night, switching between watching TV and reading, I climb into bed. I get my sleep cycle app ready, asking it to wake me up between 6:30 and 7am. Then I open my Calm app and turn on today’s meditation. I have a yearly subscription for Calm, which was $45 with a discount code from a podcast. I complete the meditation and doze off, momentarily waking up when my boyfriend gets into bed and takes off my AirPods for me.


6:49am – My sleep app wakes me up just as I start to stir. 88% sleep quality, pretty good! I hurry and get ready for work, taking some extra time to choose my outfit for the day. I feed the cats, kiss the boyfriend, and head out at 7:30.

8am – At my desk and head to the office kitchen so I can unload my various snacks into the fridge for later and fill up my water bottle for the day. I grabbed my mug and favorite tea (Trader Joe’s organic pomegranate white tea) from my desk, so I make that and head back to settle in with some emails.

1:30pm – Break for lunch. Today I have some leftover Trader Joe’s orange chicken and my protein shake. For my protein shakes, I normally do a blend of: bananas, strawberries or peanut butter, Vital Proteins collagen, Garden of Life raw organic protein, and Amazing Grass green superfood.

4:30pm – Vitamins! I clean up my desk and clock out for the day, then head to my cycle class. I’m significantly more tired today but the class is led by one of my favorite instructors, so I’m actually excited to get there (but not excited at how hard it will be). $7

7pm – At home, I wash my hair and veg around for a while snacking on Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered banana bites and watching Euphoria. After I finish an episode, I get up and put together the same dinner I had last night: ground beef and veggies. I settle back in for another episode.

10pm – Wash my face and collapse into bed. I am incredibly sore from my last two workouts and am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. I put on the Calm’s daily meditation and fall asleep after five minutes, then wake up laughing when my boyfriend removes my AirPods and has to lean over me awkwardly to put it on my bedside table without disturbing me or my cat that I’m cuddling.

16 AUG / FRI

6:39am – Only 76% sleep quality from last night, sigh. I definitely don’t feel as well-rested as I have the past few nights, but at least it’s Friday! I get ready quickly because I’m dog sitting a previous Rover client this weekend and need to stop by their house to pick up the keys before they take off for their flight.

8:30pm – I have a deadline at work today, so I decide to head out and grab some Starbucks to help motivate me through it. I know I shouldn’t be getting coffee because it definitely affects my anxiety but, addiction. I grab my reusable cup and my friend and we walk over. I get another iced soy vanilla latte. $5.05

12pm – My boss takes my team and me out to lunch just so we can all hangout and chat about things other than work. I’ve recently transferred to this position and I’m super happy with my new responsibilities and everyone on my team is so nice! I order shrimp enchiladas and am ready for a nap afterwards, but unfortunately have to get back to work.

4:30pm – Woohoo! Made it to the best part of the day! I clean my mug and reusable cup in our office kitchen and make sure my desk is all cleared and ready for Monday. I head over to the dog’s house who was impatiently waiting for me all day. I love this little guy and am excited to spend a whole weekend lounging with him!

7pm – I’m treating myself with some McDonald’s because…I’ve earned it. Life is all about balance, right? Plus, it’s Friday! I eat while watching the season finale of Euphoria. It was a really good season and I’m excited to see where they take it for season two. $8.25

17 AUG / SAT

8am – I get up with the dog and feed him his breakfast. I don’t have any plans today besides hanging with the dog so I’m allowing myself a slow start to the day. After about an hour or so, I head home to feed and hangout with my cats.

2pm – I’m back at the dog’s house after having gone shopping with my boyfriend. He went a little crazy but he also bought me some things, so I’m not complaining! I picked up Chick-Fil-A on my way, using my wristband from the CHOC Walk I participated in to score a free chicken sandwich.

7pm – The dog and I have done nothing all day except for read and catch up on Handmaid’s Tale. It’s time for dinner for the two of us, so I feed him while placing a Chipotle order and head to pick it up. Chipotle is my absolute favorite “fast food”, you can just never go wrong here. I finish the season finale of Handmaid’s Tale and…wow. Tears all night long. $9.75

18 AUG / SUN

8:30am – We slept really good last night, which is surprising to me because I typically don’t sleep too well when I’m not in my own bed. I get up, feed him breakfast and let him outside, then head to my cycle class. I’m not really in the mood today after being so lazy yesterday, but the $10 cancellation fee is my motivation to get there. $7

10am – Of course, class was amazing. No matter my mood before class, I always leave feeling grateful and pumped for the day. I head home to shower and wash my hair and make myself a quick breakfast of egg & avocado toast. After I finish eating, I head back to the dog’s house and watch a movie with him until his parents get home.

4pm – I’m back home and my boyfriend picked up some poke bowls…so delicious. We eat and watch a soccer documentary while we put together our grocery list. After it’s over, we head to Trader Joe’s and get about 20 items more than what was on our list. We split groceries down the middle and settle out with each other when we pay our rent using the Splitwise app, so this trip cost me $50.

8pm – We debate going to see a movie (we recently became AMC A-List members, which is $24 a month so as long as we see two movies a month, the price is worth it. Plus, we get to use the express line at the concession stand!) but decide it’s too late for a Sunday night and instead watch one of our faves – Spotlight. We fold laundry and put on fresh bed sheets and turn off the lights around 10:30.

19 AUG / MON

6:58am – Cutting it real close to my wake-up cut-off window, I check my app to see I got a 72% sleep quality for last night. I quickly get ready and thank last night me for packing my lunch so that I can just grab it and go today.

8am – Tea at my desk. I’m trying to start the week off super hydrated, which means no coffee! Oh, and I started my period two days early. So there’s that.

1:30pm – Lunch for this week is my take on a grain buddha bowl. Yesterday I prepped quinoa, roasted kale, roasted brussel sprouts, and black beans and threw it all together in a Tupperware topped with pumpkin seeds and Trader Joe’s Green Goddess salad dressing. So delicious. So filling. So healthy.

4:30pm – No cycle class today so I head home after work and lay around with my cats for awhile. My cramps have decided to settle in for the week, so I spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing.

8pm – Dinner time once my boyfriend gets home. We make a big batch of our usual – ground beef with veggies – to last us the week. I’m getting pretty bored of this dinner and need to plan another dinner idea. We eat while we watch Bachelor in Paradise and head to bed right after.

20 AUG / TUE

6:37am – 70% last night and it felt like it. I am tired today and lay around in bed for an extra twenty minutes before finally getting ready.

9am – I’m not feeling it today, so I head to a nearby cafe for a small soy latte. I use some of the cash tip I got from dog-sitting and head back to my desk to be more productive. $4.25

1pm – Well the morning actually flew by! I break for lunch: another buddha bowl, so delicious. I have a banana for a sweet treat and read my book, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to read 24 books (2 each month) but this is my 27th book! I readjusted my goal a few months ago to be 30 books since I realized I was going to pass my original goal, but now I might need to readjust again….

4:30pm – Vitamins and head home. My cycle class is at 6:30 today, so I clean up the house when I get home and read for a little bit before heading over. $7

8pm – Home from class and exhausted, but right on time for night two of BIP. I put together the same dinner as usual and have some of the chocolate-covered bananas for dessert. After the episode is over, I head to bed and fully complete the day’s meditation without falling asleep! I then turn on a sleep story and am out in seconds.

There you have it, folks. It was really fun to track my daily routines and see how much I actually invest into my wellbeing. My priorities are my cycle classes, vitamins, Calm app meditations, and reading. These are the things that I need to do on a pretty regular, almost daily-basis, to keep me happy and going. I don’t love tracking my food though, I’m not the type of person with enough patience to count my calories or be on a specific diet, but I do try my best to eat consistently healthy throughout the week and then eat whatever I want on the weekends. I think that’s a good balance.

Now that you’ve read my feel good diary, ask yourself about your own. Do you prioritize your health & wellbeing as much as you should? I would imagine everyone’s diary would look very different from one another’s, and that’s what I love about this ~wellness~ trend…it’s not a one size fits all! Keep on trying things until you find what works and add it into your daily routine. It gives you something to look forward to each day rather than counting down til the weekend!

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