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10 Free Self-Care Ideas For When You Just Can’t Afford That Massage

Happy Sunday, loves! One of my goals for this month is to be more conscious with how I spend my money so that I can save up for a trip I have in September. It can get tough to be frugal but it doesn’t mean that you have to sit at home and do nothing, it just means you have to get a little bit more creative! Especially when it comes to self-care, because those massages and CBD creams add up real quick. I’ve come up with a little list of some self-care ideas you can do when you really need to de-stress but don’t want to spend any money. Check them out below and let me know if you have any to add to my list!

  1. Visit your local library. Spend a few hours walking around, checking out the books, and reading on their comfy couches. I swear I could easily spend half of my afternoon in the library with a stack of books that caught my eye and a hot, yummy tea in hand.
  2. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Okay if you’re going alone, bring your phone just for safety purposes but keep it out of hand and in your bag. Just walk around your neighborhood and listen to the sounds of the day, soak up the vitamin C, and stretch out your legs.
  3. Finally use that coloring book you got as a gift. I’m pretty sure you have a coloring book, not because you bought it for yourself (and hey, maybe you did) but because someone gave it to you as a gift. Coloring books are a great gift, so let’s put it to use! Turn on some music or lay a blanket outside and get to coloring. It’s such a great distraction that really exercises your creativity.
  4. Blast some fun music and clean your space. When I’m in the mood, there’s nothing I enjoy more than blasting Lizzo on my Google Home and cleaning my entire apartment. While I’m scrubbing every corner of my kitchen clean, it also feels like I’m scrubbing away all of my anxiety and making space for new memories and positive energy. Bonus points if you sage your house when you’re all done!
  5. Give yourself a mani/pedi. The ultimate free self-care! While getting these done professionally is such a treat, sometimes it feels nice to do it ourselves and really take the time to do it right. It’s a luxurious process where you are focused on you and you only, so there’s no room for those anxious thoughts or feelings.
  6. Journal. This is my favorite because it can be done a few minutes every day or one long weekly session. Treat it like therapy and really get introspective. Spend time writing out everything you’re feeling without fear of judgment so you can really process what’s going on in your mind. If there’s a real mess going on in my mind that I need to let out but don’t want anyone to ever find, I journal about it to get it all out and then literally tear the page to shreds. Physical evidence, gone! Emotional release, achieved.
  7. Do a yoga video on YouTube. Yoga classes are not cheap, so I like to spend some time every now and then finding a YouTube video that suits my needs and creating space for physical and mental clarity. I’ll even set the mood by lighting some incense and turning down my lights so that it’s a very relaxing space. My fav on YouTube is Yoga With Adriene, check her out!
  8. Cook your favorite meal. Taking the time to cook for yourself is super therapeutic; you invest your time and effort into making a meal that you know you’re just going to absolutely love. Put some music on and cook that meal that you love but don’t ever really have the time to make. My max effort meal would probably be pasta with veggies and capers and tilapia…yum!
  9. Do a tarot reading and journal about it. Light some candles, grab your tarot deck, and spend some time with your cards. This is another great prompt to do some introspective journaling because you never know what the cards are going to bring up.
  10. Invite a friend over. For those days when you really shouldn’t be alone and just need to vent, ask a close friend to come over in their comfy clothes so you can talk on the couch all day. Maybe you can even do a yoga video together, or go for a walk, or have a good old-fashioned Cristina & Meredith dance party.

Not included on this list are: sitting on the couch all day in a hardcore Netflix binge, ordering Postmates and eating food that is guaranteed to make you feel like crap, or shuffling through that sad songs playlist. I’m not saying that I never indulge in these things…McDonald’s is for sure my weakness, but it’s not a healthy habit to turn to when you’re going through some mental health issues. The above list are some ideas for when you need to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally and want to be in a better headspace on the other side. Treat your mental health as a priority and a fun activity that you can look forward to so that it can become something you treat yourself to on a regular basis, before everything builds up and you’re really struggling. Why not start now and choose something off this list to give yourself a little self-care Sunday? Thanks for reading!


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