Plan With Me – August: Astrology Forecast, Tarotscope, and Goals & Intentions

Another month come and gone! I really feel like it was just last week that I was writing July’s post. Time moves too quickly and the more I think about it, the more it scares me so let’s not even go there (we’ve only got five months left in this year oh my god). July was such a busy, hectic month for me that I truly didn’t even see coming. We went on a last minute trip to Vegas that was really fun but we were so busy and it was so hot that it wasn’t the most relaxing trip. I was also really worried I would get anxiety (isn’t that ironic?) but overall I handled pretty well! We saw Marshmello live, watched the incredible Cirque Du Soleil’s The Beatles: Love, got a lot of sun, and ate all the best food.

Looking ahead at August, I don’t have any major events planned so I’m hoping it will be a bit more of a low-key month. I’m hoping to spend August focused on myself, my fitness, and my savings because I’ve got a big trip scheduled in September that I absolutely cannot wait for! Let’s just say you’re going to get a lot of good pictures coming your way soon. I’ve also got a major project in the works that I can’t talk about just yet but I’m super excited about it! Stay tuned for more info on that hopefully very soon!

Astrology Forecast

August 1st – Mercury Stations Direct

August 12th – Mercury Enters Leo / Jupiter Stations Direct / Uranus Stations Retrograde

August 15th – Full Moon in Aquarius

August 30th – New Moon in Virgo

We’re starting off August with Mercury finally stationing Direct. Phew! Did anyone else feel the effects of Mercury being in Retrograde or was that just my fellow Geminis? We’re still going to be in the retrograde shadow for the next almost two weeks so we’re not fully in the clear yet, so hold off on any important life decisions for just a little bit longer. I’m loving that Mercury is entering Leo because it’s a great time to aim for your biggest goal and be confident that you can achieve it. Imagine the ferocity of the lion and the communication-ruling planet Mercury colliding…you can no longer just talk the talk, now you have to walk the walk.

The full moon is typically an emotional time; we feel very vulnerable and a little crazy around the full moon, but as its positioned in the air sign of Aquarius, it may be a little lighter this time around! If you are tempted with conflict during this full moon, try not to be too reactive or stubborn and instead practice being assertive without involving your ego. The new moon in Virgo asks us to declutter and detoxify our lives, both physically and mentally, so spend some time cleaning up your space, clearing out your fridge, and finding balance in your routines and habits. It falls on a Friday, so say you’re going to go all out and party that night, maybe spend the day/weekend being a bit more gentle with yourself and your body.

August’s Tarot Reading

Question: What will this month bring?

>Daughter of Pentacles. This card represents the beginning stages of a vision and urges you to use your present moment excitement to take practical steps every day towards the completion of that project. Allow any fear of future outcome to fall away and be fully engaged with each action you invest into the process. It’s okay to be unsure and still move in the direction of what sets your heart on fire.

>Temperance. This card symbolizes healing and renewal and asks you to focus on cooperation and compromise. If you’ve been excessive in one area of your life, it’s time to practice self-restraint & moderation. Once you can invite a little harmony into your life, you’ll feel a new sense of healing and balance.

>The Moon. This card indicates vivid dreams & intense fears. The darkness that surrounds the moon can lead to self-doubt and anxiety, but the light of the moon may help you find imagination and creativity. Figure out how to let your imagination roam while maintaining your connection to something solid.

Journal Prompt: Spend 30 minutes reflecting on what each card means to you right now and journal about it. Is there something going on in your life that you are unsure of but excited for nonetheless? Do you need to cut back on something that you’ve been indulging in too much lately? How can you get creative without losing your imagination to insecurity? Write it all down!

Goals & Intentions

How did everyone do with their July goals? I love writing mine down (and now typing it out) because I can just refer back to it at the end of the month and assess how I did. I am overall happy with the progress I’ve made on my goals for last month, but there was one or two Target trips that wasn’t exactly necessary….I’ll have to work on that one harder this month too, along with a few new goals!

Goal: Focus on work. August will be a busy month for me both professionally and creatively. I need to use any time I am not at work focusing on my creative pursuits, even when I just want to be lazy and have a Catfish marathon on the couch haha. I love having my free time to do nothing, but I’m excited about my side hustles and I want to work hard so that they thrive. Mantra: I will be productive with my free time.

Goal: Stick to my diet. Now when I say diet, I don’t mean that I’m on a specific diet and eating way less than I should be. I don’t think those types of diets are sustainable. But a few months ago I was meal prepping religiously, so I was eating lots of veggies and hardly eating out. I really want to get back to that so that my hard work at the gym will really show itself. As they say, it’s 20% exercise and 80% diet… Mantra: I will make time for meal prepping and grocery shopping.

Goal: Save more money. July was an expensive month because of the unexpected Vegas trip, and with another trip coming up in September I have to really focus and not be frivolous with my spending. In preparation, I’ve already cancelled a few unnecessary subscriptions that I enjoyed but truly do not need. I’m hoping to save up most of my first paycheck in August so that I can use it on my trip! Mantra: I will remind myself of my financial goals in moments of weakness.

It’s also a New Moon today so it’s truly the perfect time to reflect on your July, picture how you want August to look, and set some goals for yourself. I truly believe that when we speak what we want into existence, it will manifest itself into our lives. If you’re looking to have a productive month, a chill month, a fun month or a frugal month, speak it into the universe. Tell the world what you want out of it and do what you need to do to get it. Cheers to the end of July (and Harry Potter’s birthday today, just an fyi) and the beginning of August! Set some goals and then crush them!

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