A Peek Inside a New Moon Ceremony

Hey guys! I mentioned in a recent post that I had plans to go to a new moon ceremony and I got a few questions about what that sort of thing is like so I thought I would share my experience. The ceremony was hosted at Sacred Roots in Long Beach, CA. They host new moon ceremonies every month and I had been once before, back in December when I was really going through it with my anxiety. It was a bit of a tough experience solely because of my anxiety, so I was excited to head back and give it another go now that I’ve been in a better mindset. Plus, I was going with my sister and doing anything wellness-related (or pretty much anything at all) with her absolutely makes my day. We both had relatively stressful days so the magical night that followed was exactly what the holistic doctor ordered.

We start by settling ourselves on yoga mats, pillows, and blankets in a circle so that we are all facing one another. In the center of that circle is an altar with candles, crystals, and a tarot deck that we each pull a card from. Once everyone is ready, we all stand so that our host can open the circle by calling in and inviting all areas of nature to join us. It feels like an appropriate way to start the ceremony because we are about to open our minds and souls to one another. After this, we settle back down into sitting positions and go around the circle sharing our intentions for this new lunar cycle. As I mentioned in my Welcoming July post, the new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and goals for the month ahead and begin anew. What seems to be the most perfect way to do this is to speak your intentions and goals out loud to a group of womxn who are there to listen to you and support you unconditionally. My intention that I wanted to focus on for this new moon, especially as it related to the Focus card I had pulled from the tarot deck that night, is to be prepared and organized at work so that I can be my most productive self. I’m settling into a new position where I have a lot to learn and I want to be able to re-frame the panicked mindset I had to my new workload into a mindset of gratitude and abundance. [Related: “Welcoming July: Astrology Forecast, Tarotscope, and Goals & Intentions”]

I used to hate icebreakers in high school because I am pretty socially awkward; I would count down the number of people until it was my turn and practice what I was going to say over and over in my head (even though the questions were ‘what’s your name’ and ‘what’s a fun fact about yourself’, I had it memorized). I do not feel this way when sitting in a womxn’s circle, I love listening to the innermost personal goals of these total strangers and feeling such admiration and love for them. When it was my turn, I could feel those same positive feelings radiating from them as well. It’s the most welcoming feeling.

After we all shared our intentions, our special guest and astrologer Michelle Prentiss went over the current planetary movements and their meaning to our lives. We were even given a personal solar eclipse forecast with special mantras if we provided Michelle with our natal chart before the ceremony. I love astrology and the meaning it can add to our lives, so it was interesting to hear about everyone’s very unique astrological journeys as well as my personal transits.

After our astrology discussion, we moved on to a healing soundbath. If you’ve never been to a soundbath before, I could not recommend them enough. It’s kind of like what you would imagine based off of the name; we all lay down in our circle and close our eyes to enter a meditative state. Our host will use singing bowls and chimes to help guide our meditation. When I went to my first new moon ceremony in the midst of terrible anxiety, this was really hard for me because my mind wouldn’t stop racing and I wanted to bolt out of the room. This time, it was easily the most relaxed and calm I’ve ever felt in a meditation. I was able to completely shut down my mind and sort of just exist, feeling the vibrations from the singing bowls deep in my body. It was also a huge testament to how much the months of meditation practice has benefited me. Soundbaths can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour but it felt like five minutes and I would have happily laid there for an additional hour.

We finished up the ceremony by closing the circle, facing each direction again and expressing our gratitude for our experience that night. My sister and I left feeling so refreshed and so thankful. We’ve both been down a winding path on our way to being more mindful and connected to our souls; it’s a lifelong journey where you have to continually decide to move forward every single day. Each time you sit down to journal, meditate, set some intentions or speak your mantra, you establish a closer relationship with your soul. There are some days where I neglect these tasks and I feel the consequences both mentally and physically, so nights like this one where I can get an extra large dose of mindfulness remind me why I do the things I do. I hope you’ve found your reason to practice self-care as well. Until next time, loves!

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