Welcoming July: Astrology Forecast, Tarotscope, and Goals & Intentions

Hello July! A start of a new month always feels like a breath of fresh air to me, sometimes I actually feel anxious at the end of a month because I can’t wait for the beginning of a new one. June was a great month for me, I turned 26 and had a ton of fun celebrating my birthday and spending money as if I were set to die the next day. My boyfriend, Austin, took me to dinner at Sur and for drinks after at TomTom…anyone else fans of Vanderpump Rules? I was super excited to try these two places that have been featured heavily on one of my favorite shows; let me just say my birthday would have been complete if I could have just shared a plate of goat cheese balls with Stassi.

I’m excited for July for a few reasons. First, we have Fourth of July which means a day off work! Who doesn’t rejoice when you’ve got free PTO? My dad’s birthday is the middle of the month, which means quality family time and probably grilling some delish food in the backyard haha. Also, I finally get to use the new Erin Condren Petite Planners that my parents got me (at my extremely detailed request) for my birthday. I’m a major planner person and I’ve been without one for the past month so I’ve felt completely out of touch with reality. I’m super excited to use my new planner and will probably do a post showing you guys what the Petite Planners are like, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

Astrology Forecast

July 2nd – New Moon in Cancer and Total Solar Eclipse

July 7th – Mercury stations Retrograde

July 16th – Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and Partial Lunar Eclipse

July 22nd – Sun enters Leo

July 31st – New Moon in Leo and Mercury Direct

The new moon is a perfect time to manifest and set intentions because they symbolize new beginnings. On these days, I like to write in my journal what my goals are for the month ahead and refer back to it throughout the month. I’m actually attending a new moon ceremony with my sister on Tuesday which I’m so excited for because it’s a very healing ritual to welcome the month. Alternatively, a full moon symbolizes letting go of what is no longer needed. I’m a very visual person, so for this I like to write down what I need to let go of (drama, certain emotions, behaviors, etc) and either light it on fire (I’m also a bit dramatic) or just rip it up and throw it away.

Mercury goes retrograde this month as well, and as a Gemini this affects me fairly greatly because Mercury is the ruling planet for Geminis. Retrograde periods are generally a time for revision and review (notice the recurring “re”), a period where it’s important to take it slow and not start any new ventures. Mercury rules communication, so when it is retrograde, it’s extra important to think before you speak. I’ve noticed that during Mercury retrograde, what I want to convey does not translate to the words I end up saying, so it’s very much a time of miscommunication and confusion if I’m not careful with my wording.

Monthly Tarot Reading

I am in no way a professional tarot reader, I pull cards when I need some clarity or for guided journaling and sometimes for friends when they ask. I feel like it really helps me when I want to get introspective but don’t even know where to begin. I start by shuffling the deck while considering what question(s) I want to ask and pull a few cards that are calling to me. This month, I looked back to the year ahead spread I did in December of last year and that card fit perfectly with the spread I had planned for this month.

Question: What does this month have in store for me, both good and bad?

The cards I pulled really resonated with what’s going on in my life, specifically the Four of Wands card. For the past month or so, I’ve worked part-time in my old position and part-time in my new position at my job, juggling both and feeling sort of stuck in limbo. This week I will finish training my replacement and will finally be fully transitioned into my new position. I’m so excited for this new opportunity at my company and to take a step forward in my career!

The Five of Cups was the card I pulled during my year ahead spread, but I feel like this already manifested at the end of last year/early this year. It was a tough experience losing a close friendship, but it felt like something that perhaps needed to happen. I’ll keep this card and its warning in mind throughout the month though as I don’t want to completely write it off as the past. The Wheel of Fortune is a card that I really enjoy pulling so I was happy to see it come up for this month. It’s reassuring to know that any unexpected changes that pop up are actually leading me in the direction I’m meant to go.

Goals & Intentions

I like to physically write down my goals for the month (and there’s a space for this in my new planner which thoroughly excites me) because it makes it feel very solid and set in stone. After considering and writing down each goal, I like to set a mantra for each one that I can reflect back on in future meditations or when I need some inspiration.

Goal: Workout 4 times a week, mixing cycling and strength training. I’ve been going to spin class at least three times a week, sometimes four, but I’m ready to get back into strength training and mix up my workouts. I’m aiming to put more focus on my arms & abs. Mantra: I will be mindful in planning my workouts and doing what feels good for my body.

Goal: Spend more time in the morning getting ready, because I feel my best when I look my best. With my new position, I’ve realized I need to start prioritizing my outfits in the morning again and put more of an effort into how I look. I’ve noticed that when I look confident, I feel confident and perform better. Mantra: I will be intentional when choosing my outfits in the morning.

Goal: Prioritize journaling like I used to, even if it’s once a week. I used to journal every single day and it not only helped me remember the little things but also practice gratitude on a regular basis. I want to get back to this even though I’m busier than I was back then because I really miss it. Mantra: I will prioritize time for myself and self reflection.

Goal: Stop buying things at Target. Yes, this is really a goal I need for this month. Because I have a credit card at Target, it’s too easy for me to go there for one thing and end up with five or six items (I know I am not the only one). So for this month, I will be hiding the credit card because I know if I have to use my debit/cash, I will be less tempted to buy unnecessary things. Mantra: I will not buy more than I need.

So that’s July for me! It’s important to me to spend a little time each month focusing on what’s ahead and what I need to work on, because otherwise the months just fly by and I end up not making any progress personally or professionally. On this last day of the month, spend a few minutes considering what goals you have for July and what you have to look forward to. Maybe write down a few memorable events from June and imagine what you want July to look like. I’m a big believer in manifestation, so if I start the month with a mindful outlook I know that I will be happy with whatever comes my way. ‘Til next time, dear readers!


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