A Psycho for Full Psycle

Exercising…where do I even begin? I’ve always had a true love/hate relationship with working out. I never wanted to but I knew that I should, I would force myself to the gym with the hope of losing weight clouding my pure hatred for the place. I would get on the treadmill or the elliptical and put Netflix on my phone so that I could drown out my internal whines. I would get into a groove now and then, going consistently for a few weeks and feeling good about myself until one day I would realize how incredibly bored I was. If you couldn’t already tell, I am not a gym person.

Once I moved to Costa Mesa…and got settled for a few months…I signed up for ClassPass to help me try out my local studios. ClassPass is an app where you pay for credits that can be used at nearby studios and gyms. They had a free month trial that I signed myself right up for, excited at the possibilities beyond the vague, gray building in my head known as the gym. I would scroll through all my choices of classes: did I want to do yoga? what about boxing? trampoline cardio? cryotherapy? The mere number of possibilities suddenly open to me was staggering; who knew there was this many studios near me that offered such fun and different workouts? Do you mean to tell me I don’t have to be bored to death on the treadmill anymore?!

I didn’t try all of the classes because I have terrible knees and also was just so out of shape and intimidated. But I have always had an affinity towards cycling, I had taken a few classes provided by 24 Hour Fitness and enjoyed the workout and the “spin high” it gave me. It wasn’t too hard on my knees but it was fun and tough at the same time. So I decided to try out my local cycle studios, thinking maybe I could keep ClassPass and just rotate through them all each month. I had tried a few within a five-mile radius from me (there’s about one in every direction) but I quickly became obsessed with the first studio I tried: Full Psycle.

It’s a small studio in Costa Mesa (among several other locations) that boasts close to 300 five-star reviews on Yelp and shares a lot in common with other spin studios: you’ve got your loud music, fun lights, and synchronized choreography. This, already, was more than I was used to coming from 24 Hour but throughout my search of the perfect studio I had come to realize they all mostly had this in common. What got me was the leaderboard. At the front of the class, behind the instructor, are two screens that display your stats (and everyone else’s) during the entire class. Everyone can see how great or not so great everyone else is doing, and even better (or worse?), so can the instructor. They use the leaderboard to make sure you’ve got enough resistance on, to make sure you’re pedaling fast enough, and to make sure you’re working your ass off throughout the entire class. I had never felt so intimidated yet competitive in my life when the person who was ranked beneath me was catching up, threatening to pass me, and I had never worked harder to ensure they wouldn’t.

Want to know another reason why I’m obsessed? They track your performance over time. This chart shows my average/max RPM, average/max resistance used, and total energy (total of how hard you worked in each class) from my very first class back in April to now. The lines for my average stats stay a bit more consistent compared to my max stats, because there are some classes where I had decided I’d rather die than be ranked anywhere else but the top 10, and others where I did my best just by showing up. Oh, and it’s definitely a full-body workout. They incorporate hand weights and push-ups in their choreography to make sure you’re working out your arms and core all while you’re still pedaling away. It’s insane and I love it.

I’m not being paid to write this review or anything, I actually have a monthly unlimited membership so that I could be a true psycho and go to class as much as I want. I started off going 2x a week, and now I’m aiming for 4x a week. It’s crazy because it’s truly become a part of my life, I don’t feel that I’m forcing myself to go like I used to with the gym…like it was something that had to be done. I actually look forward to my classes, I look forward to the certain death I’ll feel during my workout but that I’ve weirdly come to crave. I’ve never had so much fun burning 500 calories, tracking my progress, and just absolutely dying but in the absolute best way. Is there a workout you’re obsessed with or a new one you want to try? Comment down below and share!


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