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Let’s get straight to it – I have been struggling with my hair for a long time now. Despite my best efforts, I’ve had issue after issue and wasn’t sure I’d ever find relief. It started with dryness, my hair felt like starch and never really flowed like hair typically should. It just kinda hung there like two curtains on either side of my face. I tried using moisturizing shampoos with lots of avocado oil or shea butter, I can’t remember which. Nothing really helped. After a few weeks of that, it turned into a dry scalp. My head was constantly itchy and, I’m sorry to be blunt, literal flakes of my scalp was drifting from my hair at most times of the day. It was terrible! It wasn’t something I could hide either, so I would constantly duck into a bathroom or check myself in my phone to make sure there wasn’t any dead skin lying around (I’m so sorry).

So, that was not a fun time. At this point, I tried Head & Shoulders to see if it could save my hair. It couldn’t. Weeks of use did not show any improvement, I just kind of accepted my fate. Then, slowly, my scalp stopped being so dry and just when I thought I was in the clear and would soon enjoy normal hair again…another issue. This time, it was residue build-up. The back of my hair felt greasy at all times, even on washing days. I went from washing my hair every three days to washing every other day, unable to stand the feeling. I would hop out of the shower, towel-dry my hair, just to feel like it was Day 4 Dirty. I couldn’t handle it.

For the residue, I tried a few different brands. Neutrogena has a specific anti-residue cleansing shampoo that I tried. No luck. I tried a few with tea tree oil in it that was supposed to ‘purify’ my hair. Nope. I tried natural, chemical-free brands from Whole Foods thinking maybe it was all the chemicals from the other brands…Nopity nopity nope! I had given up and accepted my life as a greasy wet dog who had spent way too much money trying different brands and was now stuck with way too many bottles in the shower. As I wallowed around in my self-pity, I confided in my good friend Cassie about my problems and she told me about this brand of hair care she tried named Function of Beauty.

I had seen the ads on Instagram, even unknowingly watched a review from my favorite Youtuber; I was interested at that time more so because it was aesthetically-pleasing than anything else. I checked out their website and remembered why there was hype around the brand – it’s customizable to your hair issues. I took their hair quiz and eagerly identified my struggles: color protection? check. nourish roots? check. oil control? check. soothe scalp? check. volumize? check!! I chose the scent for my products and the color I wanted them to be (cute colors? check!) and placed my order.

But I was secretly ecstatic after the first wash, my hair felt TOO clean to not celebrate just a little.

When it finally arrived the next week, I immediately jumped in the shower…after taking a few pictures of my super cute bottles of course. I told myself not to celebrate after a few uses, because sometimes one wash can clear it all up just for it to return for the next wash. But I was secretly ecstatic after the first wash, my hair felt TOO clean to not celebrate just a little. I had chosen the eucalyptus scent too, which not only smelled so fresh but made my scalp tingle like it had been freshly exfoliated.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I wrote a full review so that I could see if this cure was temporary or here to stay. I’m so happy that Function of Beauty has been consistently working for me. I didn’t want to go back to gross hair after having felt how hair should feel again…my eyes were open and I couldn’t just blindly accept that hair struggle any longer. When I’m washing my hair in the shower, I am literally reenacting those shampoo ads where the woman looks way too happy just to be washing her hair. I get it now. I am that woman.

Now it’s important for me to note that I will never try to promote or sell anything that I don’t use and believe in. My blog is a space for me to share what I’ve tried, what I’ve hated, and what I love. It’s all going to be full disclosure. So if you want to give Function of Beauty a try, use my link to get $5 off your first purchase! I also get a $5 credit so it’s a win-win situation because I will for sure be buying again…but I might change up my color scheme for fall. Comment below the hair issues you’ve been dealing with!

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